Welcome to the future of automated Defi solutions on Cosmos. OLLO Station offers a suite of advanced trading tools & cross-chain portfolio automation. Our design is rooted in innovation & sustainability efforts in order to provide a useful service & secure the project's future.

Innovation, Automation & Sustainability

Next-Gen Features

The OLLO Station team has focused on creating helpful, simple trading tools. Our features provide a user the ability to automate & control their entire portfolio including cross-chain assets & positions all direct from OLLO Station.

Unlock Stake/bond early

OLLO Station provides a traditional 14 day Staking period and 1/7/14 day Bond with a new early unlock feature. OLLO Station allow users to unstake or unbond early for a 3-5% exit fee.

Wisedrop Airdrop

OLLO Station's airdrop, the Wisedrop is in the works and will be distributed to Stakers of Atom, Osmo & Juno. Eligibility snapshot was taken along side the Cosmos Upgrade that brought interchain accounts a key piece of OLLO's Design.

Cross-chain Control

OLLO Station was designed not only to allow easy trading and automation on OLLO, but also to provide complete cross-chain asset & smart contract control. Trade, stake & bond cross-chain assets directly from OLLO Station with added control & automation.

Advanced AMM design

OLLO Station's Pools feature advanced automation & Dynamic Liquidity allowing smaller amounts of liquidity to support a pool without slippage. Amm automation will include Providing Impermant Stop Loss prevention, limit orders, multistep orders & so much more. Automate your pools like never before

Sustainable APR

OLLO Station is introducing sustainable APR pools & staking. When a user creates a pool they will have an option of setting a APR stabalizer contract. This will establish the pools APR allowing a smart contract to store the extra APR emitted above the set %. Once the distributed Apr falls below the established % the contract begins to replace the fallen APR. Thus keeping it at the established % until reaching the last X % of the contract which is used to blend the Apr back to the actual APR. External incentives may be used to increase the established APR or APR's timeframe

Wise Vault

We understand the need for a value based design in order to provide user rewards sustainably. Our platform design utilizes chain fee's & station profits to store & redistribute liquidity in the form of recycled emissions. This allows the station a clear path to providing user rewards beyond emmissions into a fully diluted future


The Timeline

Our roadmap outlines basic elements of development planned for the next year. To provide a feature packed Station Defi Hub far more maticulous planning has gone into outlining our team's development roadmap. Periodic updatates & publications will provide transparancy into all current Station Development



A next-gen wallet for a next-gen chain

Introducing the Wollot Wallet, a native mobile app providing traditional Cosmos wallet functions combined with OLLO Station trade tools built in. The Wollot will provide full mobile access to OLLO Station in app & will feature aditional cosmos Apps as well. (coming soon)

Stay wise

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Jan 25, 2025


Take a look into a detailed analysis of OLLO Staion's Tokenomics & Protocols to see why our tokenomics were designed for value producing sustainability.


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Jan 25, 2025

Next Stop, OllO Station

Next Stop OLLO StationDive in to the Next Stop OLLO Station Medium article to get an in depth look at the project, features & plans.

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